Hsing's Library FAQs

Can I donate a book to the library?

Since I must read every book in my library, each naturally passes through a Hsing curation test.
And sadly since I don't speed read well, there is a natural limit to the number of donations I can accept.
If there's a book you think would be awesome for the collection, I love exploring new words.

Do I need to bring a photo ID when checking out a book?

Unless you've had major facial reconstruction surgery, I'm assuming you're a friend, and hopefully I recognize you.

Where is the library?

In my apartment

I wandered onto this website, do I know you / can I become a Member?

We need to have meaningfully met in person before (check if you pass question 2).

Can I open a branch in my own apartment?

Have been amused to get this question. Had not anticipated branches. Email me, lets talk.

Do you have any branches?

Yes, there is an LA Branch

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